Digital Frontiers specialises in:

• information architecture, IxD and UX design
• mission critical interactive logic design
• program development, evaluation reports
• electronic proof of concept
• concept development, script and technical writing
• project management
• content creation (film, video, audio, graphics and text)
• project scoping and task analysis

Awards include:

• Logie Award Best TV Documentary Frontline Afghanistan ABC
• Silver Mobie for Communications for Computer Graphics 
• Penguin Commendation for the Experimental Use of TV 
• Bronze Desktop Publishing Award for Multimedia 
• US Newsweek Editor’s Choice Award Children’s Multimedia 
• US Parenting Center Seal of Approval for Multimedia 
• Gold Mobie and Penguin for producing and directing
• Serif Award for writing

PO Box 1190 DEE WHY NSW AUSTRALIA 2099 T 0412 446 899


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