CV - Peter Dodds

I have worked primarily as a User Experience practitioner in the digital space. This has seen me apply my skills and knowledge to providing a range of services for corporate/government, TV, mobile media, multimedia, software development and the internet covering:

• information architecture, IxD and UX design
• mission critical interactive logic design, software interfaces and coding
• program development, evaluation reports, electronic proof of concept
• concept development, script writing, technical writing
• project management, project scoping and task analysis
• content creation (film, video, audio, graphics and text)

My key specialties are interactive design and user experience design. I was one of the first developers of high quality multimedia and digital video in Australia and I have created content for a range of top tier companies and organisations, broadcasters and government. I have worked, on a contracted basis, within businesses of all sizes. I am familiar with the demands of being part of a small group as well as negotiating a pathway to achieve project goals within large organisations. I am comfortable being part of a team as well as leading a team. My focus is always on the stakeholders and users, the brief, the budget and the timeframe.

I have received awards for software development, writing and communications covering multimedia, production and software planning and development. My recent experience working and training individuals in Singapore and Malaysia grew from my past experience running master classes for organisations such as Apple, Adobe/Macromedia and Intel in Asia and Australia.

I have researched, scripted and created a wide range of linear and interactive training materials for the financial sector for organisations such as Westpac, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, BT Financial Group and Colonial First State. International assignments have seen me contracted to work in Argentina, Asia, Japan, the US and Europe for organisations such as the BBC, AXN and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. All these projects had a significant User Experience component and relied on my knowledge and experience in this area.

I have been the only individual Apple Strategic Developer in Australia. I am a member of the Information Architecture Institute and the Interaction Designers Association.

I hold a Graduate Certificate Mobile Application Development, a Certificate Business Analyst and a Certificate Applied Social Media Marketing. I am undertaking a Master of IT with Software Development and Design and Business Analysis as specialisations online through Charles Sturt University. Once the Masters Degree is completed, I will have formal qualifications across Agile development, User Interface Usablility, UX/UI and development environments including Java, C# and Unity to supplement my real-world experience in these and other areas. I hold a Working With Children Certificate (WWC0238615E), a Test and Tag Certificate (T111301) and a White Card (No. 1928972) for safety induction.

Career History

1997 to date - Owner and Executive Director of Digital Frontiers Pty Ltd

Roles: Software/Information Architect, Producer/Director, Writer, Hardware and Software Designer, Lecturer, User Experience/ Interactive Design
Skills: Programming, Management, Project Management, Financial Analysis, Budgeting, Task Analysis, Scoping, Planning, R&D, Design

Irrespective of the delivery solution, all the projects I have undertaken have utilised a core set of skills - detailed analysis and goal setting, research and innovation, documentation, planning and execution on time, on budget and to the brief.  The company’s Enterprise Level software applications dovetail seamlessly into the TV or event production environment and are known for working year in and year out. I am one of the few senior creative people with User Experience/Interactive Design and hands on coding experience.
I have created and managed software running some of Australia’s top rating television programs in addition to programs in Asia, New Zealand, Europe, Ireland and the UK. I have developed hardware and software solutions that have included the design and fabrication of “black boxes” that allow my applications or third-party applications to interface into the event, studio and OB environment.

Recently I have undertaken a variety of short and long-term assignments including:

July 2017 to date Medical Tourism Facility Fiji – Rehab Centre
The project involved the development of a range of documents and plans for the proposed Nadi based facility. The assignment included developing a feature set that will meet the needs and expectations of the medical and counselling staff as well as allowing patients to develop and maintain a personal diary of their journey. I developed journey maps for the professional staff and patients and the value proposition for the project and have also undertaken Heuristic and Expert reviews of the proposed interfaces and user interaction flow. The value proposition helped the stakeholders and the future end users of the modules narrow down and create consensus around what the developed software will be and what needs it will directly address. The brief also required cognitive walkthroughs of some sections of the proposed solution. I also undertook a task analysis to establish a development path and an indication of what modules, based on surveys of user needs, should be developed in what order. This also provided a means to establish an indicative cost for the software development and the likely Measurable Organisation Value of the project.

May 2018 Short Term - Forensic Analysis of Software for Responsible Gambling Application
I examined and reported upon a project that only partially met its brief. After examination of the code base and undertaking an Experts Review, I concluded that the project was compromised as it did not have a well-documented UX or programming brief nor was their consistent application of good programming practices within the material created. I recommended that the best option would be to undertake the second stage of the project would be to create the project anew and discard the existing work. As part of the recommendation I suggested that at the very least a Universal Modelling Language Class Diagram be developed so that it could be used as a blueprint for work to be undertaken.

Sep 2017 to Mar 2018 Preparation of documentation and technology report for IP based talkback system
I completed the second stage of a task analysis and authored a technical and functional specification document for an integrated IP and Motorola type wireless talkback system with a video and audio back channel. The project entailed developing a brief for commissioning usability testing and an Experts Review of the proposal.

Jan 2017 to Aug 2017 Interactive Buzzer System and Technology Interface for TEN’s Cram TV Show
I developed a buzzer based user input system for contestants that interfaced directly into the audio department and the lighting department for the TV show. The developed product worked faultlessly across the ten weeks of records of the program.

Jan 2016 to Dec 2016 Scoring System Cannonball TV Show
Creation of scoring system and score result display system. The project also included developing multiple timers for head to head contests.

Jan 2015 to date Various assignments
The assignments have covered software development including scoping, task analysis and technology integration for a number of local and Asian based companies producing shows for the region such as Asia’s Got Talent (2015-17), The Cube (2017) and an Asian version of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader (2017). I have been fulfilling a production and training role in Asia at complexes such as Pinewood Studios in Johor Bahru, in Kuala Lumpur and in Singapore. I also researched and mapped out the development path as well as undertook Cognitive Walkthroughs for an IP based talkback system.

2005 – 2015 Software Development User Experience and Interactive Design

I developed a wide range of digital material involving information architecture and interaction design and development of Game Engines and that allowed “live” interaction for displaying media for TV programs such as It’s Academic, The Rich List, Go Go Stop and Australia’s Got Talent and the tasking, development and authoring of the Deal or No Deal Graphics Game Engine.

I planned, project managed the software development for the machine logic and machine control for the Act II 80 screen video wall that featured in the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2005 in Nagoya, Japan where I was the lead developer and contractor for the installation. The $1.8m solution delivered broadcast quality images to all 80 plasma screens in the display and required a total of five months on site in Japan plus just under a year’s R&D and development in Australia.

As a regular attendee at the International Broadcasting Convention, I have prepared specific technology reports for Australian production companies and interested individuals. In 2015 I wrote a report for Australian producers on emerging digital production trends following my attendance at the International Broadcasting Convention that year. The report was updated in 2016 and 2017.

1997 to 2005 Various assignments including R&D for data Security and Software Development
I held the contracted position of Executive Director Research and Development for online security research for DNA Enabled, an online identity verification software company. The security solution was used to verify and secure video streams and included significant information architecture development and user experience design. I also undertook assignments involving defining information architecture structures and the researching and writing of technical, functional and creative specifications for a number of leading web sites such as the TVSN’s eCommerce web site.

1992-1996 - Founder, Creative Director of Brilliant Interactive Ideas, Board Member

Roles: Software Development, Software/Information Architect, Producer/Director, Designer, Writer, User Experience and Interactive DesignSkills: Management, Project Management, Stakeholder Liaison, Financial Analysis, Budgeting, Task Analysis, Scoping, Planning

In 1992 I founded Brilliant Interactive Ideas Pty Ltd, a company focused on combining the production skills and the quality of the broadcast environment with the newly emerging multimedia disciplines. The company’s first major CD-ROM project, SMARTY, was an award winning, multi CD-ROM information and training package.

Brilliant Interactive Ideas had an IPO on NASDAQ in 1996, prior to the tech boom. I undertook the option of my exit strategy, leaving to pursue challenges of greater interest to me.

Prior to 1992 Writer/Director/Editor, Event Theatre and Multimedia Pioneer

Roles: Multimedia Development, User Experience/Interactive Design, Producer/Director, Designer, Writer
Skills: Management, Project Management, Budgeting, Task Analysis, R&D

As an early developer of multimedia, I created applications for kiosks and permanent installations. I also devised basic techniques that allowed computer generated images to be used in video production. In association with companies such as AAV, I pioneered computer graphics techniques and early CGI animation. I was involved with Data Translation’s first generation of the Media 100 Suite of digital non-linear editing products.

I have worked as an Editor and Fixer for the BBC in South America and I have undertaken assignments for organisations in North America and Europe.

I conceived and managed the creation of the Collins Street Flight Simulator, the first amusement flight simulator in Australia and one of the first in the world. The $2.65m project took two years to complete and featured animated robots and a computer controlled flight simulation through Melbourne.

I produced and edited the documentary “Frontline Afghanistan” which received an industry voted Logie Award in 1985. My business partner, Raffael Favero, was killed in Afghanistan while we were making the program.

Further details are available on request. Examples are available at


• Silver Mobie for Communications for Computer Graphics 
(the animated program Performance Management System was the first major use of Quantel’s Paintbox Animation Stack Function)
• Penguin Commendation for the Experimental Use of Television 
(the Grosvenor Place presentation featured the interactive synchronous playback of multi Laser Disc players and interactive kiosks)
• Gold Mobie and Penguin 
(Writer and Director of the key segments of the NAB Induction series)
• Serif Award 
(Westpac - Writing “Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone”)
• Bronze Desktop Publishing Award for Multimedia 
(Creator of the world’s first multi CD-ROM information and training package)
• US Newsweek Editor’s Choice Award for Children’s Multimedia 
(Kidstory and Kids Theatre Multimedia Series)
• US Parenting Center Seal of Approval for Multimedia 
(Kidstory Multimedia Series)
• Logie Award Best Television Documentary for Frontline Afghanistan ABC
(the program was part of the ABC “Impact” series)


I am familiar with a wide range of products. My preferred products are:

• Adobe Creative Suite, Blackmagic Design Fusion
• Lingo and HTML/CSS programming, C#, Unity
• Media 100 and Da Vinci Resolve Video technology
• Macromedia/Adobe Director, Isadora, Keynote, Powerpoint 
• Arkoas Grand VJ and Media Master Software
• Agile software tools including Pencil and Adobe XD, Balsamiq
• Microsoft Office Products, Apple Products, Filemaker





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